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Academy Stats 2011-12

Premier Academy League:

Sat 20.08.2011 Chelsea (h) won 4-3
Miele, Hooper 3

Alnwick, Nicholson, Riley, Nzuzi, Streete, Storey, Hooper, Miele, D.Taylor, Campbell, Ions (Hoganson 51). Subs n/u: Baird, Knight, McGorrigan.

Sat 27.08.2011 Aston Villa (a) lost 1-2

Baird, Nicholson, Riley, Streete, Storey (Turton 70), McGorrigan (Campbell 46), Miele, Nzuzi, Hoganson, Taylor, Hooper. Subs n/u: Mitchell, Toland, Knight.

Sat 03.09.2011 West Bromwich Albion (h) won 2-1
D.Taylor, Knight

Baird, Nicholson, Riley, Miele, Streete, Storey, Taylor, Knight, Hooper, Campbell, Hoganson. Subs n/u: Smith, Mitchell, Maddison, Ions, Turton.

Sat 10.09.2011 Manchester City (a) won 3-2
Streete, Knight, Hooper

Baird, Nicholson, Toland, Storey, Streete, Taylor, Miele, Knight, Hoganson, Campbell, Hooper. Subs n/u: Grant, Turton, Smith, Aird, Cardona-Lopez.

Sat 17.09.2011 Everton (h) won 1-0

Baird, Nicholson, Riley, Miele, Streete, Storey, Taylor, Knight (Logan 79), Hooper, Campbell, McGorrigan. Subs n/u: Toland, Mitchell, Maddison, Ions.

Sat 24.09.2011 Sheffield United (a) drew 1-1

Baird, Nicholson, Riley, Streete, Storey, Miele, McGorrigan, Hoganson, Knight (Logan 65), Campbell, Hooper. Subs n/u: Mitchell, Toland, Ions.

Sat 01.10.2011 mackems (h) won 4-0
McGorrigan, Hoganson, Hooper, Campbell

Baird, Nicholson, Riley, Miele, Streete, Storey, McGorrigan, Knight (Logan 90), Hooper, Campbell, Hoganson. Subs n/u: Toland, Mitchell, Sayer, Ions.

Sat 08.10.2011 Barnsley (a) drew 1-1

Baird, Logan, Riley, Hoganson, Streete, Storey, Miele, Knight, D.Taylor, Campbell, McGorrigan. Subs n/u: Ions, Mitchell, Maddison, Sayer, Smith.

Sat 15.10.2011 Sheffield Wednesday (h) won 4-0
D.Taylor 2, Maddison, Miele

Mitchell, Logan (Smith 83), Riley, Miele (Sayer 78), Streete, Storey, McGorrigan, Knight, Taylor, Campbell (Lopez Cardona 84), Maddison. Subs n/u: Grant, Toland.

Sat 29.10.2011 Leeds United (a) lost 0-4

Mitchell, Nicholson (Sayer 65,) Riley, Streete, Storey, Miele, McGorrigan (Hooper 46), Knight, D.Taylor, Campbell. Maddison (Logan 33). Subs n/u: Smith, Grant.

Sat 05.11.2011 Huddersfield Town (a) won 4-0
Hooper, Campbell 2, Knight

Mitchell, Nicholson, Toland, Streete, Storey, McGorrigan, Taylor, Sayer, Knight, Hooper, Campbell. Subs n/u: Smith, Grant, Miele, Riley.

Sat 12.11.2011 Derby County (h) won 4-3
D.Taylor 2, og, Hooper

Mitchell, Nicholson, Toland, Sayer, Streete, Storey, Taylor, Knight (Miele 76), Hooper, Campbell, McGorrigan. Subs n/u: Grant, Riley, Maddison, Gilliead.

Sat 19.11.2011 smoggies (a) lost 1-2

Baird, Nicholson, Toland, Streete, Storey, Miele, Sayer, Knight, McGorrigan, Campbell, Hooper (Riley 20). Subs n/u: Maddison, Mitchell, Turton, Hoganson.

Sat 03.12.2011 Nottingham Forest (h) won 2-1
Knight, Maddison

Baird, Nicholson, Riley, Streete, Storey, Maddison, Knight, Miele, Hoganson (McGorrigan 65), Campbell, Hooper. Subs n/u: Mitchell, Smith, Turton, Taylor.

Sat 07.01.2012 Huddersfield Town (h) won 4-2
Hoganson 2, Maddison, Campbell

Baird, Nicholson, Riley, Sayer, Turton, Storey, Maddison, Knight (Toland 78), Logan (Miele 78), Campbell, Hoganson (McGorrigan 78). 
Subs n/u:
Mitchell, Smith.

Sat 28.01.2012 Nottingham Forest (a) won 4-1
Knight 2, Campbell, Miele

Baird, Nicholson, Streete, Storey, Riley, Maddison, Sayer, Miele, Knight, Hoganson (Toland 70), Campbell (Logan).
Subs n/u: Mitchell, Turton, Smith

Sat 18.02.2012 mackems (a) drew 1-1
Knight(pen, OG

Baird, Logan (Smith 83), Riley, Streete, Storey, Sayer, Maddison (Turton 62), Miele, Knight, Dan Taylor (Hooper 73), Hoganson.
Subs n/u: Mitchell, Toland

Sat 03.03.2012 Wolves (a) won 2-1
Miele(pen), Hoganson

Mitchell, Nicholson (Sayer 54), Toland (Gilliead 61), Logan, Kitchen, Storey, Maddison, Miele, Hooper, Hoganson, Riley.
Subs n/u: Woodman, Smith, Jonathan Quinn.

Sat 10.03.2012 Bolton Wanderers (a) lost 0-1

Mitchell, Logan, Kitchen, Storey, Toland, Maddison, Sayer, Miele, Hoganson (Smith 67), Hooper, Gilliead (Heardman 75).
Subs n/u: Woodman, Olley.

Sat 17.03.2012 Stoke City (h) won 3-1
Gilliead, Maddison, Hooper

Baird, Logan, Hoganson, Sayer, Kitchen, Storey, Gilliead, Miele, Hooper, Knight (Riley 46), Maddison.
Subs n/u: Mitchell, Smith, Lopez-Cardona.

Wed 21.03.2012 Derby County (a) won 2-1
McGorrigan, Sayer

Baird, Logan (J.Smith 46), Hoganson, Sayer, Kilburn, Storey, Gilliead, Miele, Hooper (D.Taylor 61), McGorrigan, Maddison.
Subs n/u: Mitchell, Cardona-Lopez.

Sat 24.03.2012 Sheffield United (h) drew 1-1

Baird, Riley, Storey, Kitchen, Kilburn, Hoganson, Sayer, Logan (Miele), Hooper, McGorrigan, Maddison (Gilliead).
Subs n/u: Mitchell, Smith, Cardona Lopez.

Sat 31.03.2012 Manchester United (a) lost 1-2

Mitchell, Smith (Kitchen 80), Hoganson, Sayer, Kilburn, Storey, D.Taylor, Logan (Miele 60), Gilliead, McGorrigan, Maddison (Riley 60).
Sub n/u: Woodman.

Sat 07.04.2012 Leeds United (h) lost 1-2

Mitchell, Smith, Riley, Sayer, Kitchen, Storey, D.Taylor, Logan, McGorrigan, Miele (Nicholson 62), Hoganson (Maddison 46).
Subs n/u: Baird, Cardona-Lopez, Desmond.

Sat 14.04.2012 Sheffield Wednesday (a) won 3-1
D.Taylor 2, McGorrigan

Mitchell, Nicholson, Hoganson, Storey, Kitchen, Logan, Maddison, Miele, D.Taylor (J.Smith 85), McGorrigan, Gilliead. 
Subs n/u: Woodman, L.Smith, Booth, Heardman.

Sat 21.04.2012 Liverpool (h) won 3-2
McGorrigan, Maddison, Miele

Mitchell, Nicholson, Hoganson, Sayer, Kitchen, Storey, McGorrigan. Miele, D.Taylor, Logan, Maddison.
Subs n/u: Desmond, Woodman, Cardona-Lopez, Gilliead, L.Smith.

Tue 24.04.2012 Barnsley (h) won 1-0

Mitchell, Nicholson, Hoganson, Sayer, Kitchen, Storey, Gilliead (D.Taylor 78), Miele (Knight 68), Hooper (McGorrigan, 57), Logan, Maddison.
Subs n/u: Baird, Turton.

Sat 28.04.2012 smoggies (h) lost 0-2

Mitchell, Booth, Toland, Udumaga, Turton, Desmond, Cardona-Lopez (Olley 60), Knight, Hooper, Quinn (Heardman 65), Aarons.
Subs n/u: Woodman, McKinnon

Sat 05.05.2012 Blackburn Rovers (a) lost 0-2

Mitchell, Turton, Desmond, Sayer, Logan, Storey, Maddison (D.Taylor 59), Miele (Campbell 59), Hooper, Knight, Hoganson (Gilliead 76).
Subs n/u: Baird, J.Smith.

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